Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Day at the Revolution, Part 1

A great time at The Revolution down in Bonney Lake this afternoon.

There was a moment when I noticed Jeff and Gina in a moment of pure event execution that just typified the incredible amount of work that is poured into this tournament series year in and year out.  Having been involved in more than a few events in my day - from FM radio promotions at the local bar & grill to artsy stuff like college theatre productions and the annual Tucson Poetry Festival - I am a bit of a stage manager geek and love to watch professionals at work - even when it's just the crucial minutiae that ends up making the difference between a good event and a great one.  There's always a lot of inspiration at The Revolution and it isn't only on the mat.

Had a couple of great conversations this afternoon that I'm going to work on abstracting over the course of the week.  In their different ways, they all were about goal-setting and allowing yourself to fall in love with the choices you've made.

Looking forward to getting back on the mat next week.  I'm training at a very nice pace for me, averaging 4x a week and setting new training records for a fourth month in a row (including this month).  Some of the technical goals I've set, like improving my armbar from the closed guard, have been more than met - a true testament to the value of a little extra focus and a lot of extra training.

I'm also a little freaked out that I've made it through September and October without catching a cold.  I'm supplementing regularly these days, and doing a double dose of Vitamin C about twice a week.  That, and/or dumb luck, I suppose.  But this streak of good health is also something I'm especially grateful for of late.