Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BJJ Scout Runs the Rousey v. McMann VooDoo Down

There is so much good in this analysis. It is incredible to see how BJJ Scout's work gets better and better. Like all great analysis, it informs and teaches at the same time.

Ronda Rousey v Sara Mcmann Preview Part 1: Grappling and Skill Trees
One thing beginners often do is chase moves all over the BJJ map – 50/50 leg locks, berimbolos, baseball bat chokes etc. There is this temptation to correlate mimicking the “moves” done by top level players as the path to advancing in BJJ. It sort of makes sense – like Roger? Learn to the cross choke from mount. Like the Miyaos? Berimbolo it is. However, focusing on drilling random moves without a well thought out overall strategy seldom makes sense.
Ronda Rousey v Sara Mcmann Preview Part 2: Takedowns and Clinching
Wrestling’s place as a legitimate skill set to bring into the octagon has been validated many times over. The jury is still out on judo though. Despite Ronda having dominated all her opponents since day 1, skepticism still remains as to her abilities and most of it focuses on her being a one trick pony, and the central question in every fight is “can you stop her armbar”. Strangely, until late the question has never been, can you stop her takedown, as if it’s a matter of time before some exposes her judo takedowns/tactics as flawed.