Monday, December 14, 2015

The Daily* Oss: Luke Thomas on Luke Rockhold's Mount Game

Today's Oss is the breakdown and analysis of Luke Rockhold's mount game by MMA Fighting Senior Editor, Luke Thomas (@SBLukeThomas).

I think it is crucial for anyone who practices jiu-jitsu to pay attention to how jiu-jitsu is applied in mixed martial arts. If Mars came down from his heaven and forced me to choose between getting my jiu-jitsu fix from watching sport jiu-jitsu or from watching MMA, I'm not entirely sure which option I'd pick.

What's great about this analysis (and there's a lot to like) is that these details about Rockhold's mount game are applicable to anyone who trains on the mat: from sports jiu-jitsu inversion artists to MMA grapplers whose guard game is to just stand up.

There's also very detailed analysis of Ryan Hall (!) taking the back of Artem Lobov en route to winning The Ultimate Fighter Finale.

The whole piece is worth checking out (seriously). Otherwise the Ryan Hall analysis begins around 5 minutes in or so, and the Rockhold analysis starts around the 28th minute. 

I said this years ago and it's more true today: if an art can be judged at least in part by the quality of its critics, then martial arts are in very good shape, indeed.

* The Daily Oss will be as "daily" as there is Oss and energy enough to report it.