Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gracie Barra Federal Way Grand Opening

GB Federal Way was easier to find than I thought. The academy is tucked away off exit 143 on I-5 South in one of those sprawling commercial zones filled with retailers both great and small. It was something to see that big gleaming "Gracie Barra" sign right next to the no less luminous signs for teriyaki shops, travel agencies and smoke shops and hair and nail salons.

It was also the first academy I'd ever trained in with windows - though those windows were well-fogged just a few minutes into training. I got a later start than I'd planned, and managed to arrive just in time for the first picture of the day.

Managed to get in some good training, as well, though maybe a roll or two less than I would have liked optimally. But today was all about supporting the new school - more that than my own mat time, per se. And in that the day was a definite good time.

My training pace is still just over half of what I'd like. As of today, my four-week moving average is still at about 2.25 - and that for a second week in a row. The main goal for the month, for every month, is 15x. And making par, at this point, will do a lot to help move that average up. Much of this has to do with the training week lost during the bad weather week in late November. But there were at least two or three times since the Revolution when I just didn't "feel the fire" to steal Clint's great phrase.

At any rate, if I can get that four-week average back up above 3.5 by year's end, I'll take it as a win.