Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Training Day: Wednesday

A good day on the mat - and my first since Saturday. We spent the entire session with Prof. Carlos working on triangle chokes, which was a lot of fun. I'm very much in favor of this kind of training. Personally, I wouldn't mind if all we did was train a single technique for a week - that's what's going to really make different moves stick over time. In any event, today was a great training day in that regard.

Worked with a couple of relatively new white belts, which was nice and pedagogical for me. A little specific and live training with Alex, Brian and Dex, and that was it. I was able to work both some deep half as well as some of Lloyd Irvin's mousetrap, and I'm thinking that both are likely to play bigger and bigger roles in terms of what I do on the mat.

Was in a little bit of a hurry to leave, so no weigh-in today. I'll be back on the mat on Friday at the latest, so we'll see just how many lbs I'll be taking into the weekend.