Monday, December 30, 2013

"Ain't No Circuit Like the IBJJF Circuit

'Cause the IBJJF Circuit don't stop ..."

If you're a West Coast, IBJJF circuit jiu-jitsu athlete, then the first event on your calendar is only a little over a month away.

The registration deadline for the San Francisco International Open is February 1st.

Results for the 2013 championships are here. Brazilian Top Team took top honors, with Yemaso Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Ralph Gracie finishing second and third respectively.

Among the black belts competing were Caio Terra, the Mendes brothers, Gracie Barra's Lucas Rocha and Magid Hage, and open division winner, Gustavo Dias Elias.

Results for the inaugural 2012 event are here.

Especially for Northwest jiu-jitsu athletes, note that while the first event of the Revolution series for 2014 has yet to be scheduled, it is likely to be after the San Francisco International Open. With the Pan scheduled for mid-March, the San Francisco Open and a probable mid-February to early March Revolution date, should provide excellent preparation opportunities for those competitors looking to make a splash at this year's event in Irvine.