Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sound and Vision: Livestreaming the American Cup

Spent much of Sunday watching the 7th America's Cup sponsored by Team Claudio Franca and BJJ Tour. Held in San Jose, the event draws from all of California as well as parts of the Mountain, Desert, and Pacific North west.

I've been training long enough to remember when being able to see a jiu-jitsu tournament streamed live over the Internet happened only in the fevered dreams of the most forward-thinking grappling fans. My how times have changed for the good.

The feed courtesy of Ghosthand Productions and Livestream was great. There were some rumors of problems on Saturday, but my watching of the blue and black belts on Sunday was pretty flawless. I was treated to some excellent jiu-jitsu from guys like Nathan Mendelson and Samir Chante, as well as a couple of other very talented guys I hadn't heard of like Marcel Fortuna (Ralph Gracie) and Osvaldo Moizinho (Caio Terra), a middleweight who won his division and the open - against superheavyweight Fortuna!

For West Coast jiu-jitsu and grappling competitors, there are two dates worth keeping in mind: the All-Star Tournament in late June, and the U.S. Open in late October. Both in Santa Cruz.

If you are thinking about attending, double check their registration dates. The website currently has the same early/discount pricing deadlines (in March) for both the All-Star and the U.S. Open. My guess is that they are left over from the America's Cup this past weekend, and just haven't been updated.

Results from this weekend are here.