Monday, July 09, 2012

Training Day: Monday

A lot to like in today's training (not the least of which was my post-train weigh-in of 158.0, very nice for a Monday!).  We worked standup for the entire class, the third takedown of the series Prof Rodrigo highlighted a few months ago that was another version of Rip Cord, or the collar drag takedown.  Prof Carlos, teaching the class, had us move to knee on belly (a second step that actually helped you stay put during the takedown and not walk right into the guy's guard), and then to side control and mount.

Side control escape King of the Hill for the final 8 minutes or so was a nice way to finish things off.  I wasn't as sharp as I'd like to have been, especially with my footwork.  So it was good to work the position.

I got to work with Mark after Live Training (a session with Angela and a session with Mark), focusing on the new Shaolin half guard sweep series I've been writing about.  Just a few reps, but it was essential to start the process that will hopefully add a whole new dimension to my ability to attack from the half guard.