Sunday, July 29, 2012

Training Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday morning, Friday afternoon, and Saturday

Another six-day training week.  No surprise to finish up at 156 and change early Saturday afternoon.  There was a moment during the first class on Saturday when the idea of sticking around for the competition team class afterwards seemed crazy.  But stick around I did, getting in three good rounds of  work to finish off the week.

Very much a pace week.  I didn't work on any specific techniques from my own gameplan really, which isn't good given the amount of time spent on the mat.  But the high rate of activity was a nice change-up, taking advantage of the good weather and the "opportunity" of being newly self-employed for lack of a better word.     I need to make sure, as I slow the pace down a little bit this coming week, that I'm training some of the moves - especially from the guard - that I've been focusing on.  But overall it's hard to complain when you are punching the clock at this rate.