Monday, August 06, 2012

Training Day: Monday

Regaining posture in the guard, setting up the wedge pass and going the other way with the single scoop pass was the lesson for the first training day of the week.  Felt very vigorous for some reason - though the fact that I weighed in at 161.3 after training may have had something to do with it.  Was nice to start training with the collar drag takedown: good cardio work standing and a nice way to get ready for the ground work.

Nothing special in Live Training.  I need to make sure I get a little work on my "core competency" each time I train.  Otherwise, I end up with a month like July which was rich in volume but only a little above average in terms of developing the game that I'll need to have at the highest level.  Like Roger says, have a focus every time you train.  I have some half guard sweeps - the Shaolin back take, in particular - that I've just got to start putting into play on the mat.

Like I said, a little plump on the scale post-train.  If I can shave off a handful of pounds by Wednesday afternoon, all will be well.