Friday, August 03, 2012

Training Days: Double Time Fridays

At least through the balance of August, I'll continue to do double-duty training on Fridays.  Especially when I'm not always able to get in a session on Saturday, getting in the extra work on Friday is a pretty fair substitute.

A lot of work on basics: arm-stuff triangles from the guard, armbars from the mount - a lot of critical details on this one, by the way - collar drag ankle pick (as opposed to the Rip Cord takedown).  Heading into the next eight week stretch leading up to the Masters and Seniors World Championships, I'm looking to keep up the training pace - and set a good opening standard for the new training year - and to focus in on my core techniques a bit more.  This means more deep half guard, but it also means drilling the Shaolin sweep backtake to give my half guard game more options when playing at range.  It also means broadening my passing game a bit; Nadir was doing a great job of stymieing my Effing Pass in the early session, mostly by allowing his legs to pancake.  Unfortunately, my folding pass is very weak, and I was consistently unable to attack - a fact that only became more apparent as time went by.

One major alternative I want to train diligently is the knee cross/leg drag passing series Rafa Mendes teased in a recent promo for his new online technique/training database service.  I don't think the video is still available.  But I watched it enough times when it came out today that I think I have enough of the key ingredients down to start putting in some practice time with it.  A lot of nice details in this series, including tactics for controlling the legs, and for getting the back.

Finished up the second session with some HICT work: 5 minutes of alternating technical lifts.  I'm going to start incorporating HICT work into every session (at least the day sessions), switching off between technical lifts and hipscapes.  Nice weights at 159.2 and 158.3 respectively, just under the middle of the lightweight range.