Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rehab Workout

Went to the academy today thinking I might be able to do some training. But I've still got no strength in my right knee LCL and Prof Carlos was working on armbars from the mount, so I did a solo workout instead.

40 Three-Step Drop Seoinages with Kouchi Gari

Five sets of 20 technical lifts, 10 medicine ball swings,  10 medicine ball squats

Cool Down:
Five sets of 20 hipscapes

No real discomfort in my knee, though I did notice that my left LCL isn't exactly feeling like Kevlar, either. I'm looking forward to loading up on the Super Cissus in a few days.

Tomorrow I'll get in a little cardio. I was 166 in the gi after conditioning today which is a low-down, dirty shame - injury or no.

Spent some time working with Sean (Connor's dad), whose decided to put on the gi and do some more formal training. It was a great time going over some fundamentals and details, and explaining something to someone is always just another way of teaching yourself all over again. Hopefully there will be much more of that to come from the lunch time training session.