Friday, November 05, 2010

Training Day: Friday

Live Training Day today. I got in some typically tough rolls with Lance, Jim (twice) and Bryan, and finished up with a roll with a new white belt, which is always a nice way to tail things off. I was very much on the clock, which made for an abrupt depature. But that the way things are right now when I want to train the early class - especially on Fridays.

I'm starting to see my half guard game move up to the next level, doing a better job of incorporating the deep half as both a launching pad for attacks as well as as "bail out" position when escaping. Remembering the shin sweep and the transition back to half will be some of the key things to remember as I spend more time in the deep half.

One week out, the training environment seems like it is still coming together. Rodrigo and Carlos both have us on a good hard pace, but it seems like not all of the sentient beings in the room are always on the same page. Both Rodrigo and Carlos have had to make points about training with intensity during training over the past week, which isn't necessarily a great sign going into a tournament. I don't know how many folks are planning to compete. If that number has slackened any, then that might provide some sort of explanation for the rise in "Cadillacking" during class.