Monday, November 15, 2010

Training Day: Monday

Just what the doctor ordered for training today: open mat plus a little Live Training to finish things off. There are days when you just want to get some work in without having to "learn" too much. And the Monday after a tournament Saturday is one of them.

That said, we did focus on a few things, especially triangle chokes given our team's struggle to finish them in more than a few matches over the weekend. It was just good, basic jiu jitsu training: fixing what ails - even if still don't see myself triangling too many people too soon.

Trained with a number of good folks, and it was good to see Jason/Garcia after what seems like at least a year.

Right now, my training focus is pretty explicit: deep half from the bottom and standing passes from the top - particularly the Jack Johnson. I'll stick with this through the end of the year and see what gains are made.

A portly 165.0 post train. After the Revolution, I ate nothing but cupcakes and pizza for 24 hours.