Friday, November 12, 2010

Training Day: Friday

Was feeling more than a little beat up after Tuesday's training, so I took a few days off to heal up ahead of the tournament tomorrow. Being pretty much right at my weight limit, I figured a Friday session would help me lose a few pounds and sharpen up a little bit before the event.


Not great, and I won't be eating much today, but those are ye breaks. I've never missed weight in the five years I've been competing - and I've had to make more significant cuts in the past. But every time seems like the first time when it comes time for lose lbs and there's nothing about caloric restriction that I enjoy - especially headed into the weekend.

Not entirely sure how I feel about tomorrow's event: better prepared, but less enthusiastic is probably the most accurate. I've probably never had a better sense of what I can do, what I plan to do, but training with so many advanced brown belts and black belts over the past few weeks has led to an attenuated confidence as to what I'll be able to accomplish when the time comes. Hence the "enthusiasm gap." I couldn't be more grateful for the fact that brown belts will start off pretty much right at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow since there are no black belts competing. I have no idea what size my bracket is, if I am in "adult" or "masters" and, to be honest, I'm not sure how much I care. It would just be something else to think about that isn't my gameplan.

I'm going to leave it at that before my growling stomach turns me into a Revolution eve Grinch. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to say in about 24 hours.