Thursday, March 06, 2014

Eddie Bravo on Metamoris, Royler, and the Best Guard in MMA

I'm not convinced that Bravo's rubber guard suite of techniques is the answer to the challenge of winning mixed martial arts contests from the guard.

But I have an infinite amount of respect for him for raising the issue and continuing to innovate his way toward a solution. If there is a Mount Rushmore of American jiu-jitsu artists, Eddie Bravo deserves a spot on it.

And now that he's got a match coming up, returning him to competition for the first time in years, we're fortunate to be hearing a lot more from him than usual.

Eddie Bravo's Metamoris 3 Guide for the Casual BJJ Fan
That's what I've constantly been working on. It's been the biggest hole in jiu-jitsu, which is why we dropped the gi 10 years ago. We focused on that glaring weakness, the bottom game. There's a huge difference in bottom game with the gi and without it, especially when you add strikes to the mix.
There are so many BJJ blackbelts in MMA, but submissions from the bottom are very rare. We, as a community, should focus on making the bottom game more effective and dangerous.
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