Friday, October 29, 2010

Son of Quantified Jiu Jitsu: 4-Week Moving Average

The other thing I like to do with numbers is to track my four-week moving average of training. Moving averages are a great way to gauge a trend, and by applying them to my training, they help keep me in tune with the relationship between the actual effort I'm putting out on the mat and whatever subjective sense of effort or accomplishment I may feel.

What get me thinking about this a little bit is the fact that even though I missed two weeks of training in the final week of training in September and the first week of training in October, as of week's end I will have my four-week moving average of training up to 3.25 a week. If next week goes as scheduled, that average will climb to 4.25.

Above is my four-week moving average of training since August 2010.