Monday, October 11, 2010

Training Day: Monday

Back on the mat after almost two weeks off due to illness and recovery ... According to Rodrigo, we had quite a few guys who were out sick over the past week - including Rodrigo himself, who just got back on the mat to train this past Saturday. I know that there were a lot of UW football players who were also sick according to the folks over at KJR-AM, so there was definitely something wicked going 'round here in Seattle.

My first training at the new GB Seattle 3.0. I really, really love the new facility. It's spacious and roomy, combining the best of the Tully's location (GB Seattle 1.0) with the best of the "Treehouse" a few miles north (GB Seattle 2.0), and then upping them both with new amenities and an overall "feel" that is going to be great to train and compete in.

I took the Advanced Class today. We are on Week Four of the Advanced curriculum, working on the ko uchi gari takedown, the ankle pick off the failed ko uchi gari, and a smash 'n' scoop butterfly/sitting guard pass that's a bit similar to the underhook/overhook pass that Mike Fowler shows on his DVD. Professor Carlos emphasized one detail, pinning the shin of the smashed leg with your inside shin to avoid the half guard. But the pass was similar in many ways.

The technical part of the class ran long, so I wasn't able to get in any training today. I'll pick that up tomorrow night, I'm sure, and it will be nice to roll out some of the work I've done on improving my half guard and 2on1 guard games.