Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Training Day: Tuesday

Message to future sparring partners: please don't grab inside my pant cuffs.

I know it is irresistable to attack my ankles when I sit up in Marcelo guard. And I expect it. But please, please, use a proper grip when looking to control my legs.

A pistol grip is fine. Hooking the outside of the cuff and turning the material out is also very cool. Elliott has a variation on this grip that is stronger and a little easier to get.

But please grip correctly. I've now got three pairs of gi pants this year alone that have seven inch rips at the cuff because of illegal grips. I'm no churchmouse, but at $35 a pop, it's getting to be a real budget item having to buy new gi pants over and over.

So, please, legal grips only. It's a win/win for both of us.

Thank you.

Aside from that, more good training tonight. Pulling half guard was the main technical focus, with Rodrigo preferring the dive with the collar side hand and leg that I'd pretty much given up on after Monday's training. Now it's back on the burner. I'll have to try it both ways and see what I see.

Tweaked my "good" knee tonight doing some no gi with Lance after Live Training tonight. Nothing too crazy: I can walk on it and squat without too much discomfort. But I'm feeling it, and I may be in the market for another knee brace before the end of the week. So it goes.

If all goes well, I'll be back on the mat tomorrow night. Nothing stood out in particular from tonight's Live Training: nothing too bad, nothing too good. That doesn't exactly fortify, but we'll see how things develop over the next several days.