Monday, October 18, 2010

Training Day: Monday

A good start to the week with some nice technical setups for the standup game and some good details for passing the half guard.

The standup was a combination judo attack: ashi barai and osoto gari. First you take a step forward/outside jab step on the sleeve side (as you would to set up osoto gari). Pull up on the sleeve and down/in with the collar. You're working for a step forward from his far leg. That's the leg you target with the ashi barai/foot sweep.

The combination comes if he defends the foot sweep. From here you go on to attack the nearer leg with the osoto gari.

On the ground we focused on the switch-base half guard pass. Here, one of the nice details had to do with pushing the top leg away to open up the hips for the pass, and then switching to the bottom leg pressure (which should be at least partially trapped by your free leg after you base-switch) if the guy is insistent on holding his half guard locked around your ankle or lower leg.

Good training today, even though Monday's have that rush-in, rush-out character that makes the early class a little less fun compared to the late class or Saturday sessions. That said, I'll be back at least once if not twice for the early class this week, as well as my Tuesday session tomorrow evening.