Monday, January 20, 2014

Ground Warrior Submission Challenge Deadline One Week Away

The 2014 calendar for competitive grapplers here in the northwest is filling up fast. The deadline for the Ground Warrior Submission Challenge is next Monday, January 27th.

Sub League is sponsoring this event, which will be held on February 1, 2014 at Liberty High School, in Hillsboro, Oregon (about a three hour drive south from the Gracie Barra Seattle academy). It is not part of the Sub League tournament, per se, which will hold its first qualifier in early March (also in Oregon). But it will follow the Sub League format of round robin competition and submission-or-draw finishes.

This kind of competition (along with the submission-only Proving Ground event, now in its second year in Washington State) can be an ideal way to prepare for the bigger, points-oriented tournaments like the Revolution at the end of March or even the IBJJF Pan that begins on March 12th.

And obviously if you are thinking about making a run through Sub League, the Ground Warrior Submission Challenge is a great place to start.