Friday, July 07, 2017

Live in Seattle: It's Fight to Win Pro 39!

Looking at my Gucci ...

Fight to Win Pro 39: Seattle is here! Check out the line-up for tonight's matches. A special shout-out to all my Gracie Barra teammates competing tonight including:

  • Professor Carlos Sievert
  • Professor Lindsey Johnson
  • Professor Mark Chappell
  • Professor David Stegman
  • Professor Casey Stenz
  • Matthew Nielson
  • Matthew Park
  • Shannon Higgason
  • Christy Dettmer Van Gerwen
  • Amy Montenegro
  • Louis Petrick
  • Sean Batye
  • Jayda Macatangay

Fight to Win is a great national, invitation-style grappling event series. Gi and no-gi matches. Men and women. Masters and Youth. Every match will be covered live on FloGrappling (to which every self-respecting grappler should subscribe, by the way).