Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Training Day: Wednesday

Double legs, sprawl to standing guillotine and guillotine counter/takedown made up the instructional part of training today. Probably the most important detail came to us from Prof Carlos by way of Tom the wrestling coach: keep your shoulder square when attacking with the double leg rather than turning one shoulder ahead of the other. Another detail was to keep your stance in as much as a runner's crouch as you can, with both feet pointed forward. This allows for better a quicker and more efficient level change as well as better drive when you make contact.

We also worked the back take counter to the on-the-ground headlock escape.

Live Training was a lesson in What Needs Fixin': Half Guard Special, specifically dealing with bear hug type passes when guys avoid engaging the half guard altogether. There are a couple of options I want to work the next time: including a more aggressive sitting guard underhook counter that Kesting shows on his DVD that's part of his "triple attack" combination.

162.7 on the scale post-train, a far more reasonable figure to be sure. With any luck, I'll be able to notch a sub-160 number after the Friday early class.