Sunday, January 09, 2011

LME training and Explosive Repeat

The first half of the training camp is geared toward improving aerobic conditioning and increasing local muscular endurance. One of the things I noticed about 48 hours after my explosive-repeat workout on Tuesday was how sore my "vastus lateralis" (outside of thigh) and hip flexors were.

This makes sense insofar as the whole lower body portion of the workout is dedicated to lunges (front, side and reverse). But it reminds me of how in my last tournament matches, I was very reluctant to change levels to set up takedowns because I just didn't feel as if my legs were ready to fire from that semi-crouch position. It was one of the first things I felt when I got on the mat and I think contributed to a sluggish, non-explosive performance on the feet.

Hopefully this work will take care of that issue from a biomechanical standpoint.