Thursday, January 20, 2011

Machado Black Belt Brandon Ruiz on Goal Setting and Specialization

A lot of what Brandon Ruiz has to say echoes things I've heard from guys like Lloyd Irvin, who have taken a professional, quantified approach toward understanding how ordinary people can develop extraordinary skill in jiu jitsu. It also echoes, in different ways, some of what I think Profs Rodrigo and Carlos have been trying to emphasize - or at least articulate - for those of us who are really striving to become better and better in our jiu jitsu practice.

Here, in this Fightworks Podcast interview, even where Brandon is not especially specific, the same general themes and challenges still come through pretty clearly.

BJJ Black Belt Brandon Ruiz on Goal Setting for Jiu-Jitsu
You need to take advantage of any free time you’re given in a workout to do things on your own. If you’ve already got your shortlist of techniques that you need to work on, work on those. Be very specific every time you’re at the gym.

A lot of guys won’t take advantage of that extra time. They’ll just start messing around or talk about the cute girl or the latest UFC. That doesn’t really get you anywhere. I mean – that’s great if you’re just going to be a social-recreational kind of guy. But if you’re motivated and want to get better you’ve got to take advantage of all the time you have.