Monday, January 03, 2011

Training Day: Monday

Skills training:

Backroll/Sacrifice to mount counters to the double and single leg takedowns. Smash counters to armbar and triangle from the guard.

Live training:

Some good work in converting back and forth from deep half to half guard passes (i.e., switching to watchdog v.s. deep half). Also good step-over to crossbody against the deep half.

This will be the main strategic goal: to use transition from half to deep half and back as strategy for controlling pace and creating opportunities. For example, using Gordo to set up a deep half entry and direct move into Homer Simpson, as well as the typical Gordo/Twist Back combo.

Not as many opportunities to work the pass game outside of the half. Still looking for opportunities to smash straight into mount a la Hioki - that will be a habit to establish early.

Also did some film study this morning on the crossbody to knee on belly transition via Saulo. The key is in keeping connected hip-to-hip, and remaining sideways as you make the transition rather than turning to "square up" and face the guy's side, thereby giving too much space for the elbow/knee block from the guy on bottom.

164.6 on the scale post-train, everything but the coat.