Tuesday, January 04, 2011

More on Hioki

My first "jiu jitsu crush" was on Fabricio Werdum. I couldn't stop watching his ADCC match with Matt Lindland. Maybe it was the drums. But you couldn't tell me there was a slicker jiu jitsu guy than Werdum at the time.

Hatsu Hioki is well on his way toward becoming my second. Here's a nice essay from someone who seems to share my sentiments.

Often Overlooked, Hatsu Hioki Deserves Praise Following Win Over Marlon Sandro
Call it jiu-jitsu mastery, wizardry, or brilliance. Call it whatever you like, but the final minutes of the Sengoku Soul of Fight featherweight title tilt between Shooto lightweight champion Hatsu Hioki and Sengoku featherweight champion Marlon Sandro was nothing short of spectacular. After a round after round beating at the hands of Hioki, Sandro lunged at his opponent with his only sight set on knocking out the Nagoya-born grappling whiz kid. Sandro's desperation attempt to put Hioki on his back while avoiding damage failed miserably, and Hioki turned his defense into a glorious opportunity to close out a fantastic clash of great featherweight fighters.