Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Takeaways from the 29th

1. Most aggressive butterfly guard game I've ever dealt with - competition or training. Only Bryan comes anywhere close to putting on the pressure with butterfly hooks compared to my opponent on Saturday.

That is a great encouragement to include a more aggressive butterfly guard game in my own half guard/deep half menagerie. I've been adding bits here and there, but generally have been reluctant to really close the distance and attack. That will change.

2. In case of emergency, stick to the gameplan. Confronted with a really aggressive butterfly guard, I immediately started trying to pass the guard wholesale, instead of baiting the half guard as I'd planned so as to set up the Roger.

By far, that's my biggest source of discontent w/re2 my performance in what was essentially the absolute brown belt division of the Seattle Open. For the next five weeks, the Roger is pretty much all that anyone I train with is going to get.